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The Dashboard of Religions by Tradition (Part 1) is a resource for religious education that provides an overview of the main religions categorised into their respective traditions (four religions per tradition).

Part 1 of this two part series in the wider Dashboard of Religions Series consists of the Abrahamic, Dharmic, Astronic, and Taoic religious traditions.


The dashboard is A3 in size and is split into four segments for each tradition and further divided into four subsegments. Each subsegment consists of one religion and provides information regarding the following: the religion's worldview, its main beliefs, its theological orientation, its central goal, main practices, and its eschatology. The large size and impressiveness of the dashboard encourages student engagement and can be placed at the front of the classroom or in the centre of a table.


The Dashboard of Religions by Tradition series allows for students to gain a clear overview of all main religions, how they differ from one another, and it also demonstrates how each religion has a set of similar characteristics. All the entries in the wider Dashboard Series of resources are especially useful in the context of studying Comparative Religion, introducing people to religions that they may not hold much prior knowledge about, and will also be useful in building a coherent use of vocabulary. 


This particular version of The Dashboard of Religions by Tradition is recommended for college education, higher education, and public learning, and may also be bought for secondary education purposes.

Dashboard of Religions by Tradition (Part 1)

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